Greater Boston Area Advocate Service 

If your child is one of the 250,000 students attending college in the Greater Boston area, you can take advantage of our professional advocate service.  You'll have peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, if they are far from home, you can send a reliable professional to be with them and keep you informed. Our HIPAA PDF Plus form service is included. We will also maintain client emergency information such as emergency contacts, allergies/medications/conditions, insurance, etc. which we can provide to the hosptial upon request in an emergency.

All of our advocates are career heath care professionals. Most are nurses. Many have been in your situation, worried about what could happen to their child while away at college. We look for compassionate, caring individuals who are great communicators and problem solvers. People who are calm under pressure and put your child first. Many of our employees have worked in hospitals that we cover, so they know their way around the environment. We carefully screen and run background checks on all of our employees and they undergo our competency based training program. To learn more about who our advocates are, and what they do, click here.

The Basic Plan

$75 registration plus hourly fee for service

If your child has a chronic medical condition such as asthma, or diabetes, is a student athlete who may need treatment for an injury, or if you just want the added security of knowing you can send an advocate for any appointment, this option is for you. If you have questions about treatment or billing, without a HIPAA authorization, providers will not disclose health information. 

Input your emergency information and HIPAA authorization. You and your child will both have a PDF copy and the information will be maintained online. In an an emergency, you can email the HIPAA authorization to any U.S. hosptial or urgent care center immediately so that you can talk with the doctors.

If your child is at school and being treated in the Greater Boston* area, once you have spoken with the medical provider, YOU can decide if you want to send an advocate on a fee** for service basis.

If you want an advocate for a non-emergency outpatient visit or procedure, we can schedule that as well. 

The $75 annual registration fee is used to provide adequate on-call coverage for our pool of registered students. Only students who register for the plan can utilize the advocate service. 




Premium Plan

 $300 per school year, no hourly fees

If you don't want to worry about fees or minimums, this is the option for you.  During the school year, in a medical emergency, if you would like an advocate to respond to the hospital*, we will send one with at no additional cost.  The advocate will stay with your child until you can arrive or until they are discharged from the ER.

This plan also includes all the features of our Basic plan. We will securely store and forward your emergency and HIPAA documents any time during the year. If you want an advocate for a non-emergency outpatient visit, we can schedule one on a fee for service basis. 


*Emergency advocate service is available in the Greater Boston area during the Fall and Spring semesters. For coverage dates, please click here. We respond to all of the Boston area emergency departments, for a list, please see our covered hospitals.

**The hourly fee for advocate service is $100/hr. where applicable.

***Non-emergency advocates are only available for appointments in the Greater Boston area.