College Parents From All Over the U.S. Use Our Solutions To Prepare For The Unexpected

The founding principle of our company is to provide peace of mind and to eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety when dealing with health care issues. We have two services designed to do just that.

HIPAA PDF Form Service

  • Every person over the age of 18 should sign a HIPAA authorization and give a copy to their loved ones in case of emergency. It's simple, it takes just a few minutes to fill out, and it will allow all health care provides to share information with loved ones in an emergency. You will also be able to communicate with providers and insurance companies regarding billing and claims issues which are "protected information" as well. 
  • You can find examples of HIPAA forms with a quick internet search, or you can make your own. The tough part getting your adult child to fill it out, sign it, get you a copy and have a copy on hand in an emergency.
  • We made it easy! Our HIPAA PDF App enables students to generate a HIPAA Authorization form using their smartphone, tablet or computer. They fill in, sign and submit electronically. We will generate their HIPAA authorization form instantly and email copies to the email addresses they supply.
  • We set up our process so that parents could pay for the app so students don't have to. Simply enter your payment information, and we will email them the link to our App. The cost is just  $4.99 when you use coupon code FB5OFF at checkout.

  • You don't have to be a student! Create a HIPAA authorization for a family member, friend or significant other.

Advocate Service

  • Exclusively available in the Greater Boston area, our advocate service gives you options. In an emergency, we can have a professional patient advocate respond to the hospital emergency room, stay with your child during their encounter and keep you informed. Your HIPAA authorization and emergency information forms are included with our advocate service. To learn more about the service, who our advocates are, and what they do, click here. You can register for our advocate service for as little as $75. 

Health Care Proxy

A Health Care Proxy allows you to appoint a representative to express your wishes and make medical decisions for you if you can not speak for yourself. This Massachusetts specific form is provided through the generosity of the Massachusetts Health Decisions organization, the nonprofit publisher of the form and educational materials related to the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy. You can download a free copy for your personal use. The document contains a clear explanation of the purpose of the form, how and when it is used.