Our Mission

We founded our company to provide peace of mind and to alleviate the stress and anxiety of a medical emergency when your loved one is away from home.

It's the first thing we worry about when our child goes away to college. What to do if there's an emergency? It happens all the time, and until now, all you could do was hope it didn't happen to you!

Colleges provide a myriad of services ON campus, however, when a student goes off-campus in a medical emergency, they are on their own. It's ironic that when they are so ill or compromised that they need hospital care, there is no way to support them. Complicating matters are the federal privacy rules that prevent medical providers from disclosing any health information for individuals over the age of 18!

We want to help families be prepared and be able to communicate. Our HIPAA authorization PDF will allow medical providers to talk to you! 

We also want to fill that gap in support if a student has to go to the ER. Nobody should be alone in a medical emergency. Our Emergency Advocate Plan will give you peace of mind that if an emergency arises, you can depend on us. 

In a medical emergency, we will:

  • Be your local contact in Boston.
  • Collaborate with student, their family, the hospital staff, and campus support services to ensure the best possible outcome for the student.
  • Act as an advocate for the student, to reduce the stress and anxiety of an emergency medical encounter.
  • Educate and empower students to understand and control their own health care decisions.
  • Enable families to communicate with their loved one in an emergency and to be able to discuss and participate in their care with the medical staff.